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The Strong Youth Club (SYC) is designed for young people aged between 10-17 years, who wish to be professionally coached in strength, conditioning and life skills – to improve mental and physical performance and have all-around better health.

Being part of the SYC is more than just getting fit and strong. It’s about developing into a leader (through workshops and challenges aimed towards improving leadership capabilities) and making friends who posses the same drive to challenge themselves.

The Strong Youth Club has two divisions: 1) primary school and 2) high school. The divisions are a structured program allowing coaching to be tailored to meet the needs of the different age groups. The SYC is perfect for both males and females and is scalable for any age or experience level and accounts for the varied maturation status one can find in a class full of kids.

Client Testimonials


“It’s An Encouraging Place”

‘I like to come to CrossFit Reclaim because it’s an encouraging place, a place to get fit, and everyone is nice.

I have learned chin up’s, handstand pushups and toes to bar.’


SYC Member

“CrossFit gets you motivated”

‘New skills which I have learned at CrossFit Reclaim – Muscle up, Box Jump, and improved my skipping.

CrossFit gets you very motivated, not only to get stronger but to try things in life.

Sam is good at motivating people.’


SYC Member

“Valuable Life Lessons”

‘I love going to CrossFit Reclaim because it has the best atmosphere with all the people here. We have the best Coach. We learn valuable life lessons and how to stay fit and healthy, while having tons of fun.

New skills learned – Muscle up, deadlift, Toes-to-bar.’


SYC Member

Why You'll Love Training With Us


Access To A Range of CrossFit Classes

With two classes scheduled daily, you have the flexibility to determine what option suits you best for after school activities.

Structured Program

We program specifically to ensure that conditioning is intense, varied, intelligent, and fun.

Knowledgable Coaches

Our coaches go beyond the movements and connect with the members by developing an awareness of the participants’ potential, building trust and creating an atmosphere of success.

Social Excursions

We are a community here at CrossFit Reclaim and promote the development of friendships with like-minded people. And what better way to make friends than to train and socialise together.

Access To Leadership Workshops

Being part of the Strong Youth Club is more than just getting fit and strong. It’s about developing into a leader and making friends who also posses the drive to challenge themselves. Strong Youth Club members will have access to workshops and challenges aimed towards improving their leadership capabilities.

Safe Environment

Our Coaches have the ability to connect with their members, read and understand them. It is this skill that provides a safe environment for training, as our Coaches will be able to determine the skill level of your child and coach them based off this knowledge and prevent injury.

We are now an Active Kids provider so you can RECEIVE A $100 VOUCHER to claim against your Strong Youth Club membership fees!