Sam Murphy

Sam Murphy

Managing Director & Coach

Snatch 98kg

1km Swim 19min

Cindy score: 22 rounds

Karen score: 4:44min

2k Row score: 6:30min


CrossFit Level 3

Diploma of Fitness

Level 2 Weightlifting (Aus Weightlifting Fed)

Level 2 CrossFit Gymnastics

Level 1 Strength/ Conditioning

Precision Nutrition Certification

CrossFit Kids Certification

Bachelor of Vocational Education & Training (CSU)

About Coach

I started my journey in the fitness industry at the University of Wollongong (UOW) Gym in 2006. As a 19-year old kid eager to share my love of health and fitness, this job gave me an amazing opportunity to learn from the best personal trainers, group exercise instructors and managers in the business. In 2008, I was given the opportunity to join the teaching staff at TAFE NSW in delivering the practical components of the Certificate III & IV in Fitness. This morphed into a lifelong passion for helping up-and-coming personal trainers develop industry best practices with their future clients. In 2014, I furthered my career as a Fitness Educator by founding and developing the Certificate III & IV in Fitness courses at the UOW College and leading the teaching team as the Program Manager. In 2016, mostly out of a desire to scratch an itch for training people again, I set up a home gym in my garage and started training clients. This exploded and thus, CrossFit Reclaim was born. In 2017, my wife, Khristina, and I opened the gym we know today in Unanderra and we moved operations out from our garage.

Turning Point

One of the biggest turning points in my career came in 2014 when I discovered CrossFit. Ironically, I found out about CrossFit while I was teaching squat mechanics to my students in a Fitness course and I was corrected by 2 of the class members. I later found out they were CrossFitters, and gauging their level of knowledge of functional fitness, I decided to start training at a local CrossFit box. I quickly realised nearly everything I knew about health and fitness was skewed. This blew my mind and dramatically shifted my focus on learning everything I could about CrossFit's methodology and theoretical concepts. My paradigm shifted from a bodybuilding focus aka "look good naked" to performance and health focus aka "athleticism and well roundedness". I have never looked back since.

Motivation & Passion

I enjoy working with a wide range of clientele from kids/teens to the soccer mum; elite CrossFit Competitor to the 70-year old senior. One of my passions is working with clients looking to lose body fat. I take pride in being the "go-to-guy" for helping answer questions about nutrition in the gym and watching the transformations we help create, both physically and mentally.

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