Dean Grimsey

Dean Grimsey


Snatches are my Favorite! 🤘


CrossFit level 1

Combat Fitness Leader (Defense)

Cert IV Training and Assessor

About Coach

I have always loved sport and fitness and really enjoy the group training environment. I was into any and all sports when I was a kid and was very active. Once I joined the Army I continued my endeavours in a few different areas; I was part of the Army running and Basketball teams, whilst also playing a lot of Volleyball and A-grade basketball in the local comps. Unfortunately I also loved Motocross (MX) and thought of myself to be a bit of a crusty demon. I soon learned, I was not. I busted both my ankles, an arm, and had a plate and screws in my shoulder after various MX accidents. Needless to say, this all slowed me down. CrossFit has helped me build back a lot of the strength I lost, and has given me a better appreciation of the body and what it can do.

Turning Point

A real turning point for me personally in my fitness and all-round general health, was about 12-years ago.I left the Army and the structure of having to do daily fitness sessions. I thought I would love not having to be forced into training everyday. I ate lots of terrible food, and drank quite frequently. After the birth of our first child, I realised how unfit my lifestyle had become. I wanted to make a change, so I could be a role model for my children and be fit enough to hopefully keep up with them in their sporting endeavours! I got into strength training and was really enjoying the changes I was seeing, and although I loved the gym, it was sometimes difficult training solo and having to program workouts for myself. An Ex-Army mate of mine had been bugging me for years to try CrossFit and I wasn't keen, as I had bought into all the negative connotations/ stigma around the sport. I was fortunate as he got me a 1-month free membership at a CrossFit box in Brisbane and I have CrossFitting ever since! I love the sport of fitness and can't get enough of the challenges it throws at us, and the community it breeds. My goal is to help others in whatever makes CrossFit great for them, and hopefully be able to make it fun whilst kicking goals and smashing Personal Records (PR).💪🤙

Motivation & Passion

I want my fellow CrossFitters to be able to get better and stronger, to train safely and efficiently - but most of all have a great WOD every time they come in. I want others to be able to enjoy the community we have whilst kicking whatever their personal goals may be - E.g. Snatch PR, or just move and get a sweat up.🤙

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