Top 3 Abdominal Exercises

Sam Murphy
March 1, 2022
Top 3 Abdominal Exercises

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Top 3 Abdominal Exercises

I’ve been asked so many times, “What are the best exercises to build abdominal strength”?So in this video I want to break down my top 3 exercises I recommend to people. Before we jump into it though, I want you to understand that the major roll of the abdominals or corset muscle group is to provide stability for your truck and protect spine.There are so many exercises I could give that strengthens all aspects of your corset but today I’m going to focus primarily on the front aspect of the corset group being the rectus abdominus and hip flexors.

So let’s dive into my Top 3:

  1. GHD Sit up
  2. You’re ready for GHD sit ups after you can do 50 un-broken sit ups in a row.
  3. Set up GHD correctly, be sure your bum is off the back of the pads.
  4. Don’t do too many, for people just starting out I’ll only recommend 5 sets of 5-8 reps with a good 90sec rest between sets. This exercise will put you out of action for days if you do too many reps.
  5. Substitute, if you don’t have access to a GHD then you can use an AbMat which are relatively inexpensive to buy.
  6. L-Sit/ Knee Tuck
  7. Done off a set of parallettes, boxes or hanging from a bar. You can start doing this right away regardless of if you are a beginner or advanced gym goer.
  8. Prescription, try doing a 10min EMOM and pick a work and rest time that you can maintain across the entire minute. I’m currently up to 30sec hold (knee tuck) 30 sec rest. A good benchmark is being able to hold a 2minute straight legged L-Sit.
  9. Hollow hold
  10. Completed off the floor using a matt.
  11. Adjust your lever lengths (arms and legs) according to your fitness level. Be sure to keep your lower back firmly on the floor.
  12. Prescription, I like doing this exercises as a EMOM also, holding for say 20-30seconds and resting for the remainder of the minute. A good test of strength is being able to do 3minutes fully extended.

Thanks so much for watching this video, if you found this video useful hit like and tell us in the comments below.Cya in the gym soon.Sam[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][us_image_slider ids="6734,6735,6736"][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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