Paula's Success Story

Since starting 5 months ago, Paula has lost 7.3% in body fat! Check out the full blog on how she did it.
Sam Murphy
July 6, 2022
Paula's Success Story
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Paula's Success Story

1.    What motivated you to join Reclaim?

My biggest motivation to join Reclaim was to return to being physically active and able to play/run/have fun with my young girls. I was focused on achieving things outside and leaving my own desires aside due to time constraints or perhaps finding excuses not to focus on myself, which could trigger a feeling of being selfish at some level. I needed to reset my thoughts and priorities. Being active has helped me throughout my day, being focused on my daily tasks, being more energetic and having some mental balance.

2. What fitness background did you have before joining?

I used to do some gymnastic activities in my20s. As life got busier with university and later on with family, I placed my exercise aside for a long time. As taking care of myself is never too late, I decided to return to my physical activities for a better version of myself, be a great model to my family, and achieve mental and workload balance.

3. What were your goals upon joining?

I remember as today, the first time I turned out for my trial class and few weeks later I committed to my crossfit membership.Physically, I didn’t set myself big goals, but I knew I wanted to be more energetic and be able to move around without feeling fatigue, tired and muscle cramps. Therefore, my focus was to build muscle strength and resistance. I must say, my long-term goal is still to be able to run without feeling that I am running out of breath after a few hundred metres. Running is out of my comfort zone and my weakness which I must face during my exercises. I need to be uncomfortable to challenge my mindset.

4. How long have you been here for now?

I started my journey at CrossFit Reclaim at the beginning of February 2022. The time is certainly flying past. I am feeling like I have personally achieved so much in only 5 months that I never thought I would ever experience.

5. Are there any memorable moments since joining that you bring up to people when telling them about the gym?

I certainly have some highlighted and memorable moments at CrossFit Reclaim since joining in. I do share those incredible achievements with family and close friends (just a bit too shy to spread the word!!!). I treasure moments like being able to do a handstand (something I did when I was a young child), touching the yellow latch when reaching to the top on the rope climb; completing a course of running for beginner level; lifting weights on deadlift, jerk and clean. I surely never thought I would be lifting those barbels. I must give a lot of credit to the team, especially Sam, who follows my gym steps and challenges my physical abilities and mental strength to accomplish the set tasks.

6. What lifestyle changes did you make after joining?

The most significant lifestyle change I did since joining, it was to be committed to the daily activities. Wake up earlier than I used to, start my day going to the gym and feel refreshed and energetic afterwards. My family has been very supportive during this journey, and I also needed to make some work adjustments around my physical activities, so I wouldn’t fall back to my old habits.

I believe I have a good understanding of healthy choices and balance diet. I consider myself with no bad habits and appreciate home made and fresh meals. Something I needed to adjust was my protein intake, which I can see the results coming through every time I get a body scan.

7. You’ve lost a bunch of body fat since joining, how would you say you achieved this? What guidance would you give to someone also looking to lose weight?

It has definitely been an amazing journey thatI didn’t have any idea I was about to experience. I used to think that these types of exercises were more for the “gym lovers”. I was wrong and glad I had the trial class right at the start.

Of course, losing any weight, body fat and gaining muscle is everyone’s dream. We all have our own journey and challenges. I believe I have achieved it by sticking to a healthy diet and exercise 5 to 6times a week. My PT sessions have helped me to overcome some challenges, stay focused and perform the exercises with precision. We all deserve to treat ourselves well and shouldn’t feel guilty by doing so. I do enjoy a takeaway food once a week or fortnight. My physical journey is now part of my lifestyle rather than a short-term commitment until “ideal results” achieved.

My guidance for those looking to lose weight would be find a place that you feel supportive by the staff, challenged by your trainer and surrounded by people who aim similar goals. Don’t change too many habits at once, which may make harder to stick to the “new routine” or you might set ourselves for a potential failure, set small goals and celebrate every single one of them. Remember this is your own journey nobody else!!!

8. Feel free to say anything else you’d like to add.

A big shout out to Sam, who is so dedicated to what he does and wants to bring the best of everyone to each and every session we attend to. I enjoy every session ever the one I feel challenged and think I am not able to do some of the movements. The whole journey has not only been physical amazing, but most importantly mentally challenging. I highly recommend anyone to join in and have a go. Thank you Sam for all your hard work!!!!

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