Mobility Exercises For CrossFitters

Sam Murphy
March 1, 2022
Mobility Exercises For CrossFitters

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Mobility Exercises For CrossFitters

It's super common to have some sort of mobility restriction, whether you’re struggling to touch your toes (being tight hamstrings) or getting stacked pressing a bar overhead (being tight chest and lats). The problem is, when someone has one particular mobility restriction, lets say its tight shoulders and upper back, identified when they go to press a bar overhead. People commonly cheat and adjust their position elsewhere, say their mid back, allowing them to change their loading and body position, temporarily getting around there mobility restriction and perform the movement. This sort of thing happens all the time. Now when people do this with even a moderate load it increases the risk of injury. To say this more bluntly, being tight increases your likelihood of injury, not to mention limit your ability to progress and get stronger and improve your fitness capacity. So, let's get to work improving your mobility, a good place to start is addressing your tight areas daily as part either as part of your warm up or cool down routine. I want to take you through my top 25 mobility drills that I use for various parts of the body. It’s not a comprehensive list and the actual names might change from Coach to Coach but they’ll give some ideas on different drills to do via different muscle groups.

Top 25 Mobility Exercises For CrossFitters

  1. Rumble roll (calf)
  2. Heel drop (calf)
  3. Foam roll shin (tibialis anterior)
  4. Rumble roll (quadriceps)
  5. Foam roll (iliotibial band)
  6. Couch stretch (quadriceps, hip flexors)
  7. Lunge hip flexor stretch (hip flexors)
  8. Standing box hamstring stretch (hamstrings)
  9. Seated L-sit and reach stretch (hamstrings, quadratus lumborum)
  10. Straddle stretch (hip adductors)
  11. Deep squat stretch (calves, quadriceps, adductors)
  12. Lacrosse ball hip socket (hip abductors)
  13. Glute pretzel stretch (hip abductors)
  14. Trunk rotation stretch (quadratus lumborum, glutes, back erectors)
  15. Seated toe touch stretch (hamstrings, back erectors)
  16. Lying abdominal stretch (abdominals)
  17. Scorpion stretch (hip flexors, obliques)
  18. PVC pipe pass throughs (pectorals, deltoids)
  19. Behind back straight arm stretch (pectorals, biceps, anterior deltoids)
  20. Fixed bar chest stretch (pectorals, biceps, anterior deltoids)
  21. Tricep stretch (triceps)
  22. Tricep rumble roll (triceps)
  23. Thumbs up lat stretch (latissimus dorsi, teres, mid/lower trapezius)
  24. Wrist flexor stretch (wrist flexors)
  25. Foam roll upper back (rhomboids, trapezius, back erectors)

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