CrossFit Reclaim does Tribal Clash 2019

Sam Murphy
March 1, 2022
CrossFit Reclaim does Tribal Clash 2019

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link="" video_related="1" video_title="1"][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]CrossFit Reclaim does Tribal Clash 2019On February 9 & 10, 6 teams (consisting of 3 men + 3 women each) from CrossFit Reclaim competed in Australia's first ever Tribal Clash Competition, held at Wollongong North Beach.Sam Murphy, Head Coach at CrossFit Reclaim speaks about the Tribal Clash weekend:“Unlike many CrossFit themed competitions, Tribal Clash was different for us in two major ways.Firstly, it was held on the beach and we used exercises and movements not commonly seen in a typical CrossFit gym - Running on soft sand, swimming in a group holding an inflatable board, lifting logs, carrying sand bags and hurdling obstacles. It had an emphasis on team work and efficiency to complete the set workout, which was great for team building. All of the workouts were a real test of fitness because we pride our programming on preparing people for the known and unknowable, it definitely put our fitness to the test.The second major stand out was that it felt more like a festival than a competition. This was the main feedback I received from over 90 supporters who came down to cheer on the CrossFit Reclaim competitors. The beach atmosphere, combined with larger sized teams, mixed with cool beats from the DJ booth, made the atmosphere electric.We had an awesome weekend and will definitely be back next year to Reclaimour reputation for having the most teams from any one gym/community”.TeamsReclaim the WOD

  1. Sam M
  2. Lee W
  3. Aaron T
  4. Tara M
  5. Kerrie B
  6. Suz R

Reclaimation Sensation

  1. Jenelle P
  2. Jess B
  3. Michelle A
  4. Dan H
  5. Chris A
  6. Nigel K

6am Pack

  1. Jayden E
  2. Jesse B
  3. Ryan F
  4. Tess F
  5. Jemma R
  6. Kellie T

Jesse’s Girls

  1. Jesse L
  2. Mark H
  3. Marc A
  4. Carmel S
  5. Jeni M
  6. Monique F

The DOMS Squad

  1. Casey S
  2. Lee W
  3. Rennie C
  4. Adam S
  5. Laura M
  6. Cat O

Vicious and Delicious

  1. Merry A
  2. Daniel N
  3. Saul B
  4. Veronica J
  5. Ryan G
  6. Sarah M

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