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Our facility is not like any gym you have been to before. We pride ourselves in not only providing world class CrossFit training but we also believe in creating a motivating, dynamic environment filled with like-minded people of all ages and body types, who are committed to working hard and achieving lasting fitness results. We love what we do and it shows on the gym floor. Come in for a free trial, make some friends, and get fit fast!


Most CrossFit Classes Offered

We offer 50 classes per week, including weekend classes. Never miss a class again.

Most 5 Star Reviews

Don’t let us just tell you we’re awesome. See what our members are saying across Google & Facebook.

State-of-the-Art Body Scanner

We use an InBody570 scanner to track your progress in improving your body fat %, muscle mass, visceral fat levels etc.

Performance tracking

With our performance tracking software, you will be able to monitor your progress with tangible results.

Awesome community!

Over 70% female base with a strict no ‘dick-head’ policy.

No Lock-in Contracts

If you don’t get results, you have the option to leave. Zero risk. (Once you’re in you probably wouldn’t want to though).

Most Qualified Staff

Combined, we have 12 years of university level education & 19 certificates totalling $72,450 worth of education.

Capped Class Sizes

We offer capped classes to ensure everyone is correctly coached, pushed to their limits (16/1 client-to-coach ratio).

Best Fit Out Crossfit Facility In The Illawarra

Apart from all the simplicity of parking, shower and kitchen amenities, the gym has every piece of equipment you need to become the fittest version of yourself.

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Scalable To Fitness Levels

Our program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual, regardless of experience.

Constantly Varied

Each days workout is different and consists of constantly varied functional movements. This keeps training enjoyable and well rounded.

Broad And Inclusive

Our program delivers a fitness that is broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specialising.

High Intensity

Our classes are only 60 minutes long but they are designed to increase strength and fitness fast.

Group Training

Our training style is different to traditional gyms. CrossFit Reclaim combines fitness with a sense of community. We are a big family that train, motivate and socialise together.

Quality Coaching

All our coaches are professionally trained and our classes are capped at 16 people to ensure you always get a premium CrossFit experience.

Step One:

Claim your free trial session

To introduce you to CrossFit, try a CrossFit class for FREE and see if training at CrossFit Reclaim is for you before committing to a membership. Simply complete the free trial form online.

Step Two:

Complete Foundations

Complete Foundations to master the CrossFit movements. We will also provide you with a State-of-the-Art Body Scan along with nutritional guidance.

Step Three:

Become part of our CrossFit Reclaim family

By now you are probably addicted! Visit our Pricing page for great membership options and call us to get started.

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